Steven R. Rick

Member of the HXI Research Lab and the Design Lab at UC San Diego.

I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering specializing in Human-Centered Design. I am advised by Nadir Weibel.

My dissertation focuses on the sensing of nonverbal behavior between doctors and patients in order to elucidate links between communication and equitable health outcomes. I use mixed methods to understand interpersonal interactions and contextual dynamics, and my work seeks to inform the design of future AI systems to better facilitate human collaboration.

My work spans the fields of user experience, biomedical informatics, human behavior sensing, and applied machine learning.

I am passionate about equity across both healthcare and technology.

I believe all people are entitled to a healthy life and should benefit from modern computing. Unfortunately that isn’t the case due to identity factors such as race, gender, ethnicity, and systemic oppression.

We can each better our community through active participation in equity activities, as such I…

As a computer scientist and technologist I strive to create systems that alleviate human problems and enhance end-user experiences. As a social scientist and designer I acknowledge that technology may not always be the right answer. Before crafting answers you must understand the problem and people who face it.



Outside of work I enjoy hiking, SCUBA diving, photography, and generally working with my hands.


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